Using Sample Discovery Requests

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Taking help from a Skillful Plaintiff Attorney in Philadelphia

There’s several ways that a skillful plaintiff attorney in Philadelphia will make good use of discovery requests:

Show discovery forms to plaintiff during settlement to let the plaintiff know what kind of information defense will obtain before trial.

Send discovery forms to plaintiff while case is processed to make certain the plaintiff lawyer has information necessary to settle case before they files suit.

Send to the plaintiff at filing so answers can be prepared during appropriate for responding to the defense discovery.

Sending to the plaintiff before attorney receives will avoid having to ask for any extensions.

It’s important to understand defense lawyers expect discovery requests taken seriously.

If a skillful plaintiff attorney in Philadelphia blows them off, they can count that “Motion to Compel” with requests for sanctions. Most judges will require that a valid response to all the interrogatories that are contained below.

The plaintiff’s previous medical records and history are absolutely very fertile and the fair ground for any discovery. It’s impossible to try and hide that there was any type of a previous injury or other damaging prior medical information. The defense attorneys have seen this type of situation hundreds of times and they know what they need to do if they think you’re trying to hide something.

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