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The Benefits of Working With the DUI Lawyer in Philadelphia

The Benefits of Working With the DUI Lawyer in Philadelphia

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If this is your first time dealing with a driving under the influence arrest, pay close attention to all the reasons you need to be working with a local DUI lawyer sooner than later. The judge has the ability to hand down a significant amount of penalties, many of which can be plea bargained down if you have the right lawyer. Do not make the mistake of going to court without professional representation and think pleading guilty will win you some favor with the judge. This is a very serious offense that the courts have had their fill of and will not be lenient in any way.

Gathering All the Evidence in Your Case

It is very important that you give your DUI Lawyer in Philadelphia time before the court date to gather evidence. The attorney can access police dash camera video and acquire testing results used in the police station. Your lawyer understands the protocol that needs to be used in these cases and will carefully study every piece of film to see if everything was followed to the letter. It only takes a machine not being calibrated or operator error, then your attorney can begin to try and get the charges lessened or possibly dismissed.

The Charges are Heavy

The charges that a judge can impose range from serious loss of license for months or years. Impounding your vehicle and giving you community service. There are several fines you will be hit with that can affect you financially for years. In the worst case, the judge can also sentence you to significant time in jail.  Call DUI Lawyer in Philadelphia for free consultation now.

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