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Personal Injury Claim in Philadelphia

A personal injury case is just like all other normal cases, it follows a series of preset step before a legitimate case is filed in court. These steps are Investigation, Negotiation and Litigation. Although most parties involved rarely reach the final step, it’s important to know all the options available to you.


In order to get your personal injury claim in Philadelphia, the first step of the investigation commences immediately the injury is recorded. Investigators need to visit the scene of the injury and initiate the preliminary investigations by taking pictures. The investigation stage also involves reviewing medical reports, medical bills, and statements of first responders. Other relevant records required for review include police reports and statements made to the police by both you and other witnesses.


Negotiation step involves contacting the business entity, partly responsible for your injuries or their insurance company if they are covered to discuss compensation for injuries incurred. All relevant documentation prepared during the investigation stage is provided to the insurer. If they are slow to act you have the option of sending them a settlement demand through your attorney.


The final stage towards getting your due personal injury claim in Philadelphia involves filing a law suit in the courts because the negotiations were unsuccessful. This option is necessary if the insurer is using stall or stonewalling tactics to delay settling their claims.

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