How to Take Photos of an Accident Scene

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After an accident, your personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia will need photos of the accident scene in order to ably present or defend a case. In most instances, they will hire a private investigator to take the photos, but should they require you to take the photographs, here is a guide on how to go about it.

What photos your personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia will need?

Some of the photos you should take include those of the traffic control signs on the road of the accident starting two city blocks from the scene. Distant approach view of about 200 feet from the car driver’s point of view and distant approach view of the same length from the other car’s driver point of view should also be given priority. The view of the point of impact that covers the tire marks and car debris and an image of the scene from the witness’s point of view should also be covered.

Camera settings for the scene images

It is advisable that your camera settings are at the maximum image size and that the image quality setting is also at maximum to ensure it doesn’t get fuzzy when enlarged or projected. Image views that were clearly visible for the driver should not be zoomed. Zooming can only be applied to other images after all that the driver could see has been taken.

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