Doctor Visit for Personal Injury Philadelphia

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When you go to the doctors you assume it is for the sake of your health and not to undermined your case for something such as court.Well my friends when the defense asks you to visit one of their docs to check you out keep in mind they are there to say that you are healthy an are just lying through your teeth to get a check.So with that info out there we are going to spend some time in making sure you know what to say when to speak the truth without losing your case. For more assistance contact Personal Injury Philadelphia of Ritchielawfirm.

Once you begin to go through your visit make sure to speak only when spoken to.The next thing that you will need to do is to not tell sensitive info or come off as a cash cow looking to make a big score.So now that you understand what you need to do lets get down to what the doc needs to do.For starts he can not force you to take an exam that you feel less then comfortable with.Treating you with respect at all times an to top it off no telling you you cant bring your lawyer if you feel unpleasant.

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