After an accident, your personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia will need photos of the accident scene in order to ably present or defend a case. In most instances, they will hire a private investigator to take the photos, but should they require you to take the photographs, here is a guide on how to go […]

Find Best Lawyer in Philadelphia for Adjuster Evaluation Adjuster Evaluation: Liability and Aggravating Factors Liability The crux of the case depends on your liability, if you were at fault in any way, and if you are in a negligence or contributory area. Additionally, it depends on the position of the adjuster, and their virility in […]

Tips from Reliable Law Firm in Philadelphia for a Successful Video Deposition Physical Setting It is vitally important to look directly into the camera while answering questions. Your head, shoulders, and the wall behind you will be the only things that the jury sees. It is acceptable to look sideways to the attorney of a […]

Loss of consortium When the element of loss of consortium enters a case, the case become much more valuable. However, in some cases, this addition means little. If it can be sufficiently proven that the spouse’s life was affected negatively, the loss of consortium is a lucrative route. Conditions that speak to loss of consortium […]

Case Factors that Could Suggest Plaintiff Fraud Do you know what will get the case to insurer’s “Special Investigation Unit” for a potential fraud investigation? Here’s some things to consider of which you should be made aware. Personal Factors Evasive identification. A claimant will refuse to or will not produce correct identification. This may raise […]