Adjuster Evaluation

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Find Best Lawyer in Philadelphia for Adjuster Evaluation

Adjuster Evaluation: Liability and Aggravating Factors


The crux of the case depends on your liability, if you were at fault in any way, and if you are in a negligence or contributory area. Additionally, it depends on the position of the adjuster, and their virility in defending their party. The adjuster will attempt to discount the settlement based on many fallacies. You need to Find Best Lawyer in Philadelphia. Your lawyer must assert that your liability is zero, and they should fight passionately for this position in court and with the adjuster.

Aggravating factors for the defendant

These include any prior losses in court resulting in large settlements. Many defendants want to shun the public spotlight if they have had prior issues or pending issues. They may also be hesitant if they are having issues with the regulation authorities or an unfavorable political climate.

Attorney Quality

This involves your attorney record as counsel the experience and success rate of your attorney. Your attorney approaches may be tempered by their specialization or lack thereof.

Outside valuation sources

Attorneys should evaluate the value of your case based on discussions with other lawyers, common awards of similar cases. They should also utilize technology and new software to arrive at an accurate estimate.

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