Factors that Affect Case Value: Consortium, Insurance Company

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Loss of consortium

When the element of loss of consortium enters a case, the case become much more valuable. However, in some cases, this addition means little. If it can be sufficiently proven that the spouse’s life was affected negatively, the loss of consortium is a lucrative route. Conditions that speak to loss of consortium is if the spouse has added duties due to the claimant’s injuries or if the spouse must assist the claimant to do even the most menial tasks. Was there a loss of affection for a time like sleeping separately or did the injury negatively affect personal relationships with family like elevated levels of anger are pertinent questions as are questions about if the normal leisure time that the spouse spends with their mate is negatively impacted or eliminated.

The insurance company

Some insurance companies are very restrictive in payouts to claimants even in very small cases. These companies do not care about losing hundreds of cases. Knowing this beforehand allows people to buy insurance from companies with a history of being fair to elevate payments when claims are made and avoid the unfair restrictive insurance carriers.

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